We believe that the key to successful training is that it is extensive, and our security awareness training courses are realistic, relevant and progressive. Our knowledge and experience of maritime and security, we’re in a position to provide an unsurpassed level of education to our crew and land-based staff. Our experienced trainers will guide our MSO through rehearsal drills and role-playing scenarios so they know what to do for their own safety and the protection of your ship and cargo. Our trainers will familiarize themselves with the ship’s facilities, escape routes, doors and decks and then run a series of practical and memorable exercises so your staff will know what to do if urgent action is required.

The recruitment procedure includes an inherent element of training where only personnel who display certain pre-identified competencies are recruited. This is further enhanced to meet assessed needs particular to onboard armed security personnel. Flores regularly offer a range of training courses to ensure our Maritime Security officers are consistently meeting the high standards set by our clients. These courses are open to those looking for a deployment role within Flores and those already with us who require refreshment training.